Water Walk 1  
  In Search of Lost Water, A Walk to the Baolis of Delhi
In a city plagued with water problems, and in a world where water is constantly depleting, In Search of Lost Water takes you to water bodies of medieval Delhi to highlight traditional wisdom in water conservation and management.

The baolis (step-wells) of Delhi, scientifically designed to harvest rainwater and conserve it for use throughout the year, are in a state of disuse. Delhi has historically been a city with issues of water shortage, but in the present day, this problem has reached acute proportions. Can the Baolis and old reservoirs of Delhi help in solving the water problems of the city?

The baolis, besides being structures to store water and recharge the underground aquifers, were also an integral part of community life as people would gather and spend hot summer afternoons in the cool underground of the Baolis.The walk takes you to baolis spread over the modern city of Delhi, built across
  the centuries by different dynasties, belonging to the different historic cities of Delhi. Why doesn’t New Delhi have its own Baolis? Why has it not kept the old baolis alive (reviving and cleaning the baolis is estimated to cost much less than what we spend on modern irrigation systems) to make sure Delhi-wallahs have more water? We will discover lost community spaces, hear the laughter still echoing in the step-wells, eavesdrop on gossip, in search of lost water…
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