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  The flower markets of delhi are in danger. And we are out to save them!
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  Drops of water, millions of drops, lakhs of saffron-clad pilgrims. Come Shravan, Kanwarias
carry water collected from the Ganga at its source, all the way to their hometowns to
consecrate the lingams as a gesture of thanksgiving to Shiva. At Red Earth, we are completely
at the whim of the same drops of the monsoon water, millions of drops; ending as a river,
finding way to the infinite stream. Together we celebrate, with the Kanwarias, the auspicious
monsoon festival of water, life, and Genda. And we’re dreaming of having our own Genda
Phool Kanwar Army one Saawan.
  Barsaat Brainwave: The MATKA!
  Bring back the Matka to our everyday lives and utilize it in myriad ways: for carrying water,
use it as a hand bag, fill it with Genda Phool. Who’s to know, someday a Krishna-Kanhaiya
may come and break the Matkas and cause an explosion of Genda Phool…
  Wherever there is space and light – we’re planting seeds. Lado Sarai and Mehrauli in
particular, we’re trying to maintain the majesty of life as we know it. This monsoon, we’re
doing small things that make a big difference. Creating a living example of how from small
things even greater things emerge.
  Delhi is loosing its Delhi-ness, as it tries to emulate the modern city. One of the most historic
cities of the world, the city is in a grave danger of killing its character, as everything that
makes Delhi Delhi is threatened – from flower markets, to tongas, to thelas. But we want to
celebrate the local, and start some thoughts towards preserving it…
  Barsaat Brainwave: The Thela Mela
  Thela Mela – A new idea to use the thela for selling genda phool, merchandise, art and design...
Thela Mela 1 - see page 25.
Thela Mela 2 – see page 28.

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