Rakshabandhan & clean-up drive
  Rakshabandhan and clean-up drive at Mehrauli Flower Market & a walk of the Qutab
Minar complex.
  Clean up the mandi and express our concern for it.
Tie floral Rakhis to the mandiwallas at Mehrauli and pledge to keep them close to Qutabwhere
they belong.
Rakshabandhan is celebrated to reassure the close bond we share.
venue: MEHRAULI FLOWER MARKET entry details Open to all.
    Near Qutub Minar   Buy your own Rakhis, Genda
Phool and lunch.
  date: Tuesda, 24 August 2010 dress code Genda Colours  
  time 11am to 4pm      
Conceived, Curated & presented by
Festival Partners