Note from the festival curator  
  Red Earth’s The Monsoon Festival celebrates its fifth edition in 2010.
  To commemorate the year of the Genda Phool in Delhi, the festival will be themed on the
magical marigold flower, foregrounding The Genda Phool Project which we launched in
Spring 2010. TMF 5 will green, colour, splash, sing, dance, celebrate with Genda Phool.

It will be a unique moment – celebrating the central ideas of TGPP – plantation, greenery,
water, an environmental connect, and the multifarious and magical universe of the marigold
flower with the conglomeration of Monsoon 2010 in Delhi.

A festival that captures the universe of the monsoon, just got richer in this season of plenty,
it got the gift of genda phool. Another universe to explore and get lost in…
Genda Phool loves the monsoon, it brings the rain. And monsoon, a conglomeration of four
months of festivities, rain, merry-making and celebration, cannot imagine its life without its
life-breath, genda phool….

Genda Phool is the eternal and universal idea of monsoon, and this is a gift for the people of
Delhi and the world….A genda phool wet with love – which could mean anything, blazing
rainbows, dew nights, drizzling rain, mehendi hands, charming flute….

For centuries, monsoon has captured the imagination and has become a muse for artists,
musicians, poets, lovers, and thinkers. This monsoon we give them another muse, for life, till
eternity – the lovely marigold flower.

Genda Phool is a new contribution to artistic practice, to culture in India. And what better
platform than our very own TMF5 to extend this wealth.

Lastly, amidst all this love, and romantic rain; we have also become political now. The seed
of this festival grew with the rain of romance. Other leaves-approaches emerged: antitherical
perspectives, contemporary experiences of the monsoon. Then the flowers – some
genda phool came in 2009, and the festival made us more ecologically responsible, we fell
in love with the earth. And this year, yet another twist to the monsoon festival, and Red
Earth’s artistic practice – the political. What emerges is a new Genda politics, a politics of the
people. A politics of genda, for genda, by genda. A secular new idea. A new religion.

While we are artists and love colour and celebration; to save the monsoon, genda phool
and to raise our voice as citizens against what is happening to our city, Delhi in 2010; to raise
issues of urban heritage and development, right to livelihood and issues of displacement,
to re-assert our right as citizens to participate in the development initiatives planned for our
city, and to support all other ideas that we believe in together as a community of citizens, not just artists, WE HAVE BECOME POLITICAL. No other choice.

We have been lucky to receive your love and adoration in the last five years since we started this. Now we also need your support in whatever way possible in trying to keep the idea of genda phool alive in Delhi. With love, and genda phool

Genda Phool
Aka. Himanshu Verma

(Festival Director & Curator) August 2010
Conceived, Curated & presented by
Festival Partners