Happy Birthday Genda Phool  
  An exclusive arts exhibition in Genda Mahal; home to our Festival Curator, Himanshu Verma/
Genda Phool who has taken 30 years to grow young.
Get personal with Genda Phool. Come for his birthday party. This one is a cause for much
celebration, self proclaimed Delhi’s sexiest curator HV turns 30! Five years of TMF4 and more
importantly join the baptism party to celebrate Himanshu’s christening as Genda Phool.
Genda Phool will handpick choicest artists that he’s best friends with, and request them to
make a work inspired by the dynamic personality of HV/GP.
  DISCLAIMER: We take no responsibilty of hangovers.
  19 Augu st - 2 sep tem ber 2010; by appointment only
GENDA MAHAL Lado Sarai, New Delhi; contact us for address details
BIRT HDAY PART Y OPENING ON 19 AUGUST 2010 , 7pm to 10pm
entry deta ils for birthda y party: by invitat ion only, donor pass: rs.750/-
Conceived, Curated & presented by
Festival Partners