Dreams from the Dying Flower Markets of Delhi  
  The brief to the artists in the exhibition is to capture dreams from the flower markets: the sheer poetry and beauty of flowers, the flower markets, and the “flower people” (farmers, commission agents, labour and workers) that are the soul of the market. While just a photodocumentation of the flower markets would prove to be a study in beauty, the idea here is to transcend this and create images that reach the artistic realm, and speak in a poetic language, highlighting the ephemeral beauty and fragility of this urban floral cosmos.
  We believe in the transformative power of art to effect social change and hope that this
exhibition would be a start in that direction. A statement FOR the flower markets. Weaving
dreams in art that can not only touch our core, but also instill hope, a hope and a dream that
the flower markets will not die…that the flowers will remain in the city…
  Anshika Verma
Bandeep Singh
Biplab M.R
Chandan Ahuja
Ravi Agarwal
  24 Augu st 2010
Conceived, Curated & presented by
Festival Partners